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General Offer for service and maintenance - Computers & Networking

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Some of the operations performed by AioTech Data Consult SRL :

 Installing and configuring all the IT network infrastructure components;
 Installing and configuring servers and network attached storage;
 Diagnostics and repair of any IT hardware equipments;
 Replacement of any defective components of the equipment which are no longer subject to a warranty;
 Taking faulty equipment purchased through AioTech or other suppliers and their transport to authorized service;
 Installation, maintenance and configuration of equipments, software applications and operating systems of the beneficiary;
 Advice to purchase IT equipments;
 Advice to solve all the problems related to computers and communications;
 Technical support on site ;
 Technical support by remote connection ;
 Technical support on the phone ;
 Solving any problem regarding the email service;
 Data back-up ;
 Making periodical technical inspections to prevent faults.
 Initial setup of equipment start from 10 Euro/pcs, and varies according to the complexity;
 Managing servers on Linux or Windows is charged between 20-90 €/month depending on the complexity;
 Administration of IP PBX (IP telephone switchboard) will be charged between 20-50 €/month depending on the complexity.
 For additional locations a fee 20 € / month per location. For locations outside of Bucharest the price vary according to the distance
 All prices are for a maximum response time of 8 hours. For a response time of 5 hours the price rises by 35% and a response time of 3 hours the price rises by 75%.